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Can You Sue For Airbag Injuries?

Airbags are designed to save lives, especially in the event of a car crash. The airbags, once deployed, act as cushions that soften the impact, thereby saving the lives of the car passengers. However, airbags can be dangerous if they are defective. According to Injury Law Oregon experts, airbag injuries have decreased in the past years, but airbag-related lawsuits are still quite common. Why is this the case? Read on to find out.

Better, Safer Airbags

Over a decade ago, airbag injuries were commonplace because of how airbags were designed back then. Before, airbags would deploy with so much force that they caused injuries to toddlers in baby seats in the passenger side, as well as adults who tend to stay close to the steering wheel.

Gradually, the number of airbag deployment related injuries decreased because of better, safer airbags. Today’s airbags no longer require that much energy to deploy successfully, so most airbag-related injuries are regarding faulty airbags.

Suing For Faulty Airbags

If you or your loved ones find yourselves in a car accident where the car’s airbags either didn’t deploy or deployed with too much force, the culprit is probably a faulty airbag. Now, the question is, can you sue for that faulty airbag? Well, according to Injury Law Oregon experts, it really depends on the situation.

Why? Because these cases are made against the manufacturer of the airbags, as well as the manufacturer of the car itself. Legal proceedings against two big manufacturers will mean a lot of expenses in lawyer’s fees and a long court proceeding that will most likely be stalled repeatedly. This is why most people go for settlements rather than pursuing a court case.

If you decide on a settlement, you will still need a lawyer to ensure that the manufacturers in question answer for any costs related to hospitalization and airbag replacement. An investigation will be done to see if this is just an isolated case or if the problem exist for all car models or makes. If this is the case, then the manufacturers would be required to perform a recall.

Settlement Process

Usually, faulty airbags result in brain trauma, face injuries, head injuries and temporary loss of vision. According to the Todd Peterson Portland car accident attorney office, faulty airbag incidents work different compared to other injury accidents. For example, if you own a dog and you allow it to run free, you are liable if your dog bites somebody. The victim is entitled to choose good dog bite treatments and you, as the guilty party, have no choice but to comply with their wishes. In most cases, the victim doesn’t pay for anything.

Since the process of informing manufacturers regarding a faulty airbag incident take a long time, victims of such cases usually have to fund their own medical treatment. They have to pay for medical expenses and airbag replacements out of their own pocket before filing for a case against the manufacturer. The goal with settlement cases is to reimburse the victim for any medical expenses and airbag replacement costs, plus more for damages (physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of income, etc.).


In most cases, faulty airbag-related injuries are settled out of court, as most victims only want financial reimbursement for their losses. However, in some cases a court proceeding is necessary. If the victim suffered permanent brain damage resulting in paralysis, or the manufacturer had knowledge of the faulty airbags and neglected to report it, a court case is a must. To help you decide whether your case deserves a court proceeding or if a settlement is the best option, find yourself a good Injury Law Oregon expert to analyze your situation to get the best course of action.

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Steps for securing the best interests of the child

It is quite difficult to settle when you are faced with a separation. It’s quite likely that you have no prior experience in handling these matters, and you are completely unaware of the ins and outs of the legal processes involved in a divorce case. If you cannot take the necessary step at a crucial juncture, all your time, money and efforts will go in vain, and you may get an outcome which is exactly opposite to what you desired. Normally, a divorce comprises of many complex matters where child custody is perhaps the most contentious issue. Court wants couples to settle the child custody outside court either by negotiating among themselves or by taking the help of a mediator. But this is not possible every time, especially in a contested divorce. In all such instances, it is imperative to seek advice from a child custody attorney Nashville has to protect the best interests of the child.

child custody attorney nashville

What could be the best interest of the child

Though this particular issue can vary slightly from state to state, there are some common factors that are believed to offer the greatest stability and best support for the growth of a child. The relationship and emotional bonding the child shares with each parent and siblings, what the child wishes in case he or she is grown up enough to tell about the wills and desires, any instances of neglect or abuse, both verbal and physical, play a vital role in determining custody of the child. Some other indirect factors are-

The mental and physical health of either parent, the environment where the child will be allowed to grow up with either parent that includes the locality and school.

Lifestyle disputes that may intervene with the healthy growth of child and stable living environment, including the result of cohabitation with some new partner shall also be taken into account.

The capability of either parent in providing child support and any record of missed support expenses. If a parent tries to influence the child’s decision called the parental alienation, then this may create a severe impact on the child custody decision regarding that parent.

These few factors play the most vital role in determining the custody rights and a reputed custody attorney Nashville has shall closely take care of each of these factors.

How to put up a child custody case

Your custody attorney Nashville has today may recommend you to file a child custody lawsuit which normally begins with filing a petition and paying for it to the clerk of the court. It may so happen that the best interests of the child may even collide with the desires of the parents. If you as a divorcee parent of your child, want to secure the custody of your child, then you will have to seek help and consultation from any of the experienced Nashville TN child custody lawyers to know how you will be able to convince the court successfully that it is in the best interests of your child to live with you.

Your child custody lawyer in Nashville TN shall have to present witnesses that can prove this fact. You can contact other members of your family, neighbours, teachers or other acquaintances who can testify it for you. Check out for more information.

So fighting for child’s custody is a sensitive and difficult issue, and if you are trapped in such an unwanted situation, you must contact any top Nashville divorce lawyer, who can try his best to make you understand the specific rules of your state and arrange for evidence to protect your child from the devastating impact of separation.

The traits and features of an efficient trial lawyer

Each and every trial lawyer is required to manage the two sides of responsibilities of advocating and protecting the best interest of the clients and also conform and cohere to the rules of proceedings and evidence governing the trial. Sometimes it happens that the best proof or evidence is not admissible and accessible and the opposing party objects to the presentation of certain physical evidence or testimony. In such difficult situations, the attorneys are needed to maintain their professionalism and composure and should exercise sincerity and directness with respect to any case law precedent or exculpatory proof.

trial lawyerFunction of These Lawyers

Normally, trials are held in front of a jury with some exceptions, where it is executed before the judge. If you are a plaintiff, you shall have the right to insist on a jury trial in case your state allows it and in such cases, both the trial attorneys are needed to work together in forming a jury. A trial lawyer should interview prospective jurors regarding issues and disputes that are relevant to the progression of the case in order to eliminate any impartiality or bias. The trial attorneys have the right to decline and dismiss the jurors for any reason they think to be accountable, except if the dismissal is solely based on gender or racial disputes. Click here Cummings Manookian PLC

At the commencement and closure of a trial, these attorneys are allowed to approach the jury about the present case. In the opening statement, the trial lawyer is required to inform the jury regarding his position in this case, legal arguments that he is planning to put forward, any defences that would be raised with further advancement and who could be the prospective witnesses. During the end of the trial, both sides are allowed to present a synopsis of the trial before the juror and highlight the most important aspects of the session. The closing session is of immense importance as it affords the opportunity to the lawyer for trying and persuading the jurors in all possible ways and reduces the importance of the opponent’s proofs and arguments and also denounces the effectiveness of the opposing witness. More of these at

Specialised Attorneys

Nashville medical malpractice attorneys are mostly needed when a person has been caused harm or damage due to the faulty diagnosis of an insincere doctor. These lawyers can be of immense help if you have been a victim of such circumstances. Most people are unaware of the compensations, they are liable to receive if they have undergone a similar situation. Therefore, it is imperative to pay a visit to a responsive and reliable Nashville medical malpractice attorney who can make an arrangement for a proper medical testimony to substantiate and manifest where the diagnosis procedure went wrong.

In order to help their clients effectively, these lawyers must possess a comprehensive knowledge of medical science and keep themselves updated regarding the latest advancements. Such lawyers are required to scheme a compelling course of advancing the case in the court and fight to their clients’ advantage in a very aggressive as well as empathetic way in the negotiating room.

You must therefore find the well competent, experienced and efficient CM Trial Lawyers Nashville personal injury attorneys which can console you and stand by your side in such precarious situations so that you can come back to your normal stature at an earliest.