Can You Sue For Airbag Injuries?

Airbags are designed to save lives, especially in the event of a car crash. The airbags, once deployed, act as cushions that soften the impact, thereby saving the lives of the car passengers. However, airbags can be dangerous if they are defective. According to Injury Law Oregon experts, airbag injuries have decreased in the past years, but airbag-related lawsuits are still quite common. Why is this the case? Read on to find out.

Better, Safer Airbags

Over a decade ago, airbag injuries were commonplace because of how airbags were designed back then. Before, airbags would deploy with so much force that they caused injuries to toddlers in baby seats in the passenger side, as well as adults who tend to stay close to the steering wheel.

Gradually, the number of airbag deployment related injuries decreased because of better, safer airbags. Today’s airbags no longer require that much energy to deploy successfully, so most airbag-related injuries are regarding faulty airbags.

Suing For Faulty Airbags

If you or your loved ones find yourselves in a car accident where the car’s airbags either didn’t deploy or deployed with too much force, the culprit is probably a faulty airbag. Now, the question is, can you sue for that faulty airbag? Well, according to Injury Law Oregon experts, it really depends on the situation.

Why? Because these cases are made against the manufacturer of the airbags, as well as the manufacturer of the car itself. Legal proceedings against two big manufacturers will mean a lot of expenses in lawyer’s fees and a long court proceeding that will most likely be stalled repeatedly. This is why most people go for settlements rather than pursuing a court case.

If you decide on a settlement, you will still need a lawyer to ensure that the manufacturers in question answer for any costs related to hospitalization and airbag replacement. An investigation will be done to see if this is just an isolated case or if the problem exist for all car models or makes. If this is the case, then the manufacturers would be required to perform a recall.

Settlement Process

Usually, faulty airbags result in brain trauma, face injuries, head injuries and temporary loss of vision. According to the Todd Peterson Portland car accident attorney office, faulty airbag incidents work different compared to other injury accidents. For example, if you own a dog and you allow it to run free, you are liable if your dog bites somebody. The victim is entitled to choose good dog bite treatments and you, as the guilty party, have no choice but to comply with their wishes. In most cases, the victim doesn’t pay for anything.

Since the process of informing manufacturers regarding a faulty airbag incident take a long time, victims of such cases usually have to fund their own medical treatment. They have to pay for medical expenses and airbag replacements out of their own pocket before filing for a case against the manufacturer. The goal with settlement cases is to reimburse the victim for any medical expenses and airbag replacement costs, plus more for damages (physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of income, etc.).


In most cases, faulty airbag-related injuries are settled out of court, as most victims only want financial reimbursement for their losses. However, in some cases a court proceeding is necessary. If the victim suffered permanent brain damage resulting in paralysis, or the manufacturer had knowledge of the faulty airbags and neglected to report it, a court case is a must. To help you decide whether your case deserves a court proceeding or if a settlement is the best option, find yourself a good Injury Law Oregon expert to analyze your situation to get the best course of action.

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