Why Marijuana is on Demand Currently

A number of states in the US have legalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes. This has opened the door for a whole new sector. Currently, many people are employed in the marijuana industry which has become lucrative. It is not uncommon to find new farmers seeking ways on how to grow medical marijuana. When the plant is finally legalized in the rest of the world, this may just turn out to be one of the most booming sectors that will not only create jobs for millions but will also improve the economies of the states that have adopted its use.

The Obama administration has reduced restrictions that were previously placed on the research of cannabis to give more room for discoveries of its other medicinal purposes other the ones that have been cited. This has come at t crucial time in the US where many more states are considering legalization of marijuana but are still not sure of the number of health conditions the drug handles effectively. For decades, researchers have been working round the clock to identify the number of illnesses cannabis can handle, but because of the restrictions placed in it before, this has not been effectively done. Right now however, farmers seem to be shifting to growing weed, with most asking how to grow medical marijuana.

Here are simple steps on how to grow medical marijuana:

  • Get a doctor’s prescription.
  • Choose seeds depending on the medical condition that should be addressed. Most cannabis strains address migraine, insomnia, nausea and lack of appetite.
  • Marijuana needs at least 6 hours of light, so one can decide if it is in the open or in a greenhouse.
  • Place the seeds on the ground, or have them germinate first in case one wishes to plant a seed that has began to sprout.
  • An individual decides if the medical marijuana garden is to be organic or have fertilizer used. All the same, it is best to go the organic way to avoid having chemicals on the plant.
  • Ensure the soil where the seed is remains moist to have it germinate faster.
  • Transfer the seedlings into a well prepared ground or pot in case one is doing this indoors.
  • As soon as it begins to grow, it will need 3 hours of plenty sunlight.
  • One could decide to induce flowering by limiting light received. It is at this stage that the sex of the plant can be determined. The female will have hair pop in the inter-node while males produce a ball.
  • At this juncture, the medical cannabis growing has to be selective. The males do not have valuable medical constituents. All the same, a few or one of the males can be retained to pollinate the females to gather more seeds.
  • After around 10-14 weeks, the plant should be ready for harvesting. During this time, the hairs should have turned from white to red.

Well, in case someone is still asking, “What is medical marijuana?” They should now be able to know that weed is not only used for pleasure purposes but for health reasons as well. Good news is, one can plant it at home as well.

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