Your Guide to Buying Ball Valves in Sydney

Looking for the ball valves Sydney products? The valves and other flow control devices are generally built for regulating the flow in the fluid-filled systems. They keep them at a desired set level by controlling both the flow and the pressure of the fluids passing through the passageways of the systems. Fluids do vary based on the system in which you want to regulate the fluid flow. For example, it can be liquid, gaseous, slurries and even the fluidized solids in the systems. When buying the Sydney ball valves, you, therefore, need a very good idea on the kind of valves that you want. There are certain valves in the market that perform very simply ON/OFF actions while some are a little more complex in both design and functionality. If you are in the market for the ball valves in Sydney, here are some of the main tips that you may put into consideration:

Ball Valves Sydney

Ball Valves Sydney

The size of the valve

This is the most important factor that you will need to know when you are planning to buy your valves. Determine the right size that you will need for your applications. The stainless steel valves generally come in the sizes of ½” to 2” which denotes the international pipe sizes or IPS. For bigger sizes than this, you will require certain special valves that can handle the large diameters.


This is the second most important factor that you need to consider when you are shopping for the ball valves Sydney devices. Determine the amount of pressure that your application requires as you will have to buy a valve that can support that kind of pressure otherwise you will be shopping for another valve soon. The pressure that can be handled by a particular valve generally differs widely depending on various factors such as the size of the valve, the material and the manufacturer of the valve amongst others. For the metallic valves such as the stainless steel valves, this pressure rating of a particular valve is generally called the WOG rating. It refers pressure rating that the valve can handle when it is carrying fluid such as oil, gas or water.

The Port

This is another key consideration that you need to look at when you are planning to buy the ball valves Sydney devices. Look at the port design. The port, like all ports, is simply the opening in the ball valves that allows the fluids to flow through.

You will pick from two main kinds of ports. These include the standard ports and the full ports. The valves with the standard ports are built with ball ports which is smaller in size than the pipe surrounding it. This kind of port will cause some restriction in the flow of the fluids. In the full port ball valves, the opening in the valves is of the same size as the pipe surrounding it and you can expect an unrestricted flow of fluids in these kinds of valves. Both have areas where they are best suited for application.

In Sydney, you can find top-notch quality ball valves at Armstrong. The company supplies various kinds of ball valves that can be used with water, gas and even chemicals. Their valves are antistatic and fire safe and built with a full-bore design to guarantee maximum efficiency in the regulation of the fluid flow. You can sample out the various Armstrong’s ball valve models at

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